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Okay, so, after the kitchen tantrum and after the bedroom levitation weirdness, let’s just… go outside and sit in the garden for awhile.  It’s pretty there, I’ll take some caps, it’ll be nice and quiet.  I tell Loki that we’re staying here awhile, so he can go do whatever he wants in the area.

Thor goes to sit on the bench and does his best to just relax for awhile… and Loki comes over and sits right next to him, staring at him pretty much the whole time.  He doesn’t say much, he’s just glued to Thor’s side.

Well, okay, that’s cute, I’ll take some caps.  But there’s more of this area to explore, so Thor gets up and wanders around for a bit and I send him up to the small balcony to look out over Skyrim, then have him sit on the bench under the tree there.

Not more than thirty seconds later, Loki is wandering over and sitting himself RIGHT DOWN NEXT TO THOR, despite that there were books and things on the bench next to him.  He keeps staring at Thor still and is kind of… dare I say, clingy.

Later, when we’re getting ready to go, Thor starts looking thoughtfully down at Loki’s middle, wondering… does it seem different from usual? No, it’s just his imagination, right?  Loki can’t be… I mean… that’s not possible here….

Loki, meanwhile, gives Thor’s assessing gaze the stinkeye and wanders off to look at some plants or something.



The more I stare at this pic the more Thor’s face reads: “Hey. Hey babe, hey, check this out. It’s my dick.”

And then Thor just rubs his cock on Loki’s ass like a horny teenager and they come in their pants right then and there because that’s just what happens nowadays.

okay i need to go to sleep.

I’m just gonna… leave this here

Ina clearly your art brings out the worst best porn in me


For a second Loki thinks he’s misheard, but the pressure against his lower back is impossible to mistake. Thor’s grip is firm on Loki’s shoulders, his breath hot against his ear. Loki swallows and steels himself.

"Brother, I hardly think this is the ti— mmph!" A broad hand covers his mouth, cutting him off mid-protest. Loki reaches up instinctively to tug at Thor’s wrist, but he has never been able to match his brother’s strength. He twists his body, trying to break free - but Thor gasps at the movement, and the sound, the involuntary clench of Thor’s fingers, the jerk of his hips, have Loki shuddering with lust. Suddenly he’s clinging to Thor’s arm just to keep on his feet.

All right then. Maybe he can spare a minute. Loki can admit to himself that this is hardly going to take long - not with Thor’s body and scent wrapped all around him. Not with the hot palm sliding down his chest, his stomach… there isn’t even the pretense of uncertainty as Thor palms his cock, and Loki moans against his brother’s other hand, eyes sliding shut.

Thor pulls his head back, opens his mouth against Loki’s neck, scorching lips and tongue and teeth. Loki’s knees buckle, but Thor keeps their hips pinned and rocking together, driving Loki steadily out of his mind. The feel of Thor’s hand between his legs is indescribable, and his brother’s cock is digging into him with every movement. For a second he dares to wonder what it would feel like to do more - how it would feel to have that hot, hard length inside him —

He comes with a cry that’s smothered by the hand still over his mouth, trembling through it as Thor shoves against him once, twice more, and then muffles his own shout of release against Loki’s neck. For long seconds they stay tangled together, catching their breath.

Finally Thor releases him. Loki’s legs are shaky, but they hold. He looks up into Thor’s flushed and grinning face.

"See you at supper, brother."

He’s gone before Loki can reply.

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